Byron Bay Leadership Retreat

We had a great time at the the first Australian leadership convention in Byron Bay. We met so many lovely people and gained so much from attending, both personally and professionally. I think we mostly benefited personally from the trip, so I’m going to dedicate this blog to personal development. 

Personal Development

They say that doTERRA is a personal development program wrapped in a direct marketing company. After reflecting on the journey that we’ve come on and the benefits that we’ve seen in our lives, it’s clear that this rings true. When talking to some people about what doTERRA has to offer, they often say “It’s like Amway isn’t it?”. Unfortunately they haven’t realised that doTERRA is so much more than a direct marketing company. It’s a way of living. A wellness philosophy. A modern approach to natural living. 

Everyday we tell ourselves how lucky we are to be given the opportunity to share and help others with doTERRA. It is so gratifying when someone opens them selves to us, listens to how doTERRA can help change their lives, then we witness their lives change for the better. It could be something as simple as improving how someone sleeps through to addressing a chronic disease. We have witnessed and experienced so many miracles in our journey and look forward to so many more. 

Now to get to guff of some of the personal development tools, tips and reminders that we got from the convention: 

- Be Positive 

Sure, we hear this all the time don’t we? Or do we? What you surround your self in is what you radiate. If you continue to reside in the pain body and dwell on negative thoughts and energy, you will always attract negativity. The simple laws of attraction. Surround your self with positive people, think positively and you will bring positivity into your life. We have found that doTERRA Wellness Advocates and people that are conscious of their health are generally positive people. We also practice thinking positive. No stinking thinking. As part of our life’s journey we hope to provide this positive energy for ourselves and others. 

Lead by example 

This one is pretty self explanatory, but quite often forgotten. A perfect example of leading by example is looking at how children mirror adult’s behaviour. When you hear an adult, in reference to the behaviour of a child, say “I don’t know where they learnt to behave like that?”. A lot of the time it’s from the person they see in the mirror. People are sponges and they mirror each others behaviour. Once again the principles mentioned above apply. One thing you can guarantee from the people of pureoils is we wont be pushing any beliefs, behaviours and products on anyone. Just exerting positivity and a passion for natural health and life. 

What is Wealth? 

We were reminded what wealth is. Most people believe that being wealthy is having a Rolls Royce and being able dive into endless amounts of money like Scrooge McDuck. Is this the path to true happiness? Scrooge McDuck was generally portrayed as an old, bitter, and lonely duck, who doesn’t enjoy being around other people unless it involves making more money. Wealth as it is seen by most isn’t the path to happiness and long lasting prosperity. It is a short lived desire to acquire more possessions and feed the ego. This happiness only lasts as long as your ego is happy. It wont be long until it’s no longer happy needs a new possession to make it happy once again. 

We were reminded that wealth, in terms of financial standing, is not having endless amounts of cash and the latest car. It is about being happy with in your self and being able to do the things that make you happy. It is the point just above getting by. When you find your success through financial freedom, use your money wisely. Pay of your debts. Go on a self enriching holiday with your loved ones. Donate to charity or do volunteer work. Help your family get out of debt. Share your monetary wealth! 


We gained so much from the leadership retreat at Byron Bay. Thank you to all the lovely people that attended and the doTERRA leadership team. See you next year! 


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