doTERRA Convention Incentive

The doTERRA journey has been so rewarding for Renee and I. We have been blessed with the joy of helping others and experiencing so many benefits personally. More recently, Renee and I have been participating in the doTERRA International Convention Incentive and earned ourselves a very generous prize!

We finished 19th in Australia and earned ourselves a prize valued at $4,000!! The prize includes $2,700 in cash, 800 product points, 2 tickets to the doTERRA Convention and Gala Dinner! We are so happy to have earned this amazing prize and look forward to our trip to Salt Lake City in September this year.

This year’s convention theme is ‘Aspire’. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves and empower others to take care of their health naturally. We hope we inspire you to do reach your greatest heights too.

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