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Pure Oils Premiere Club

Join us, starting September 1st 2019!
**Make sure to read the qualifications before applying.**

1st Prize  – 1x Winner | 300PV in product
2nd Prize – 2x Winners | 200PV in product
3rd Prize – 3x Winners | 100PV in product

Premier Club Facebook Group


To qualify for participation and to continue to participate in Premier Club between September 1st – November 31st 2019;

Qualifying Requirements:

  1. One Personal Enrollment in August
  2. Be ranked between Consultant and Silver
  3. One Upline Mentor (Preferably Two)
  4. Fill in the below form before the 6th of September

Monthly Requirements:

  1. Have 100pv LRP in place at all times
  2. Two Personal Enrollments per month
  3. Two New or ‘Winback’ 100pv+ LRP Orders per month
  4. Two Fortnightly Mentoring Calls with Mentor per month

What You Get

  • Up to 6x Oils at the end of each month to incentivise enrolments or LRP. Sent to Upline Mentor to post.
    • September – Forgive Touch
    • October – Motivate Touch
    • November – Cheer Touch
  • Exclusive mentoring and guidance from an upline leader
  • Mentoring and guidance from our community of leaders on a monthly basis. Opportunity to share what’s working / what’s not.
  • Prizes!! What’s an incentive with out prizes!? There will be a points system and prizes for people who want to participate in a points based competition. (Point details to be provided soon)

Kick Off Call: Thursday the 29th of August @ 7:30pm here:

​Topics discussed on the Kick Off Call:

  • Why Premier Club
  • Rules and Qualifications
  • Details of the Program
  • Mentorship
  • Incentive Oils
  • Preparing for Success
  • Prizes

Further Points:

  • You do NOT have to be Premier to qualify
  • There is no rank requirement to apply (Just below Gold)
  • Anyone is eligible to apply if they have not yet ranked as Gold​ ​or aren’t hitting Organic Gold. (You typically hit Silver)
  • Intentions, Overview & FAQ document:

Reporting and Points
Points must be tallied and reported to your mentor on a monthly basis. Updates on where you’re placed and how many points you have, will be updated monthly in the Shine Your Light FB group.

– Fortnightly Mentoring (2x per month) – 50 Points – Reported by mentor at end of month
– New Enrolment of 100pv or more – 100 Points – Reported to mentor at end of month
– Setup LRP for New or Existing Customer of 50pv or more – 100 Points – Reported to mentor at end of month
– Setup LRP for New or Existing Customer of 100pv or more – 200 Points – Reported to mentor at end of month
– Achieve PO3 $50 Bonus (1st, 2nd & 3rd time) – 200 Points – Achieved 1st time and subsequent times
– Achieve PO3 $250 Bonus (1st, 2nd & 3rd time) – 200 Points – Achieved 1st time and subsequent times
– Rank Advance to Elite or Above – 300 Points – Reported to mentor at end of month

Tally sheet template to use:
Notes: Mentors will be provided access to a shared google sheet to keep track of points & Monthly leader board updates will be shared in the Premier Club Facebook group.

Premier Club Facebook Group:

Participation Form

Gold or above upline (required)

Have you completed one or more personal enrollmets in August? (required)

Do you have an upline mentor you can work with over the Premier Club period? (required)

Who are you working with as your mentor through Premier Club? (required)
Note: Your direct upline is your preferred mentor. There is no rank requirement to be a mentor.

Have you requested mentorship from the above mentioned and have they accepted?

Are you able to commit to doing two or more personal enrolments over 100PV each month? (required)

Are you able to commit to two or more new or 'Winback' LRPs over 100PV each month? (required)

Can you commit to two fortnightly calls with your mentor each month? (required)

Information for Mentors & Uplines

This year we want to make mentoring really simple, but effective and will be teaching all the mentors how to mentor effectively. We want everyone to feel like they can mentor regardless of how experienced they are or how long they’ve been sharing doTERRA. Mentoring is simply being a friend and accountability partner. Listening with an open heart, asking questions and providing guidance where it is needed.

The basic framework for a mentoring session is (30mins max):

a) Have an agreed date and time to meet up over the phone, Zoom or Face to Face. No cancelling or ‘no shows’ please. Honour the time of your mentor and be organised.

b) Send through the points that you wish to cover to your mentor prior to your mentoring call to show you are committed to the time, have focus and your upline is prepared for you.

c) Use the below structure for your mentoring calls;
– Have 3-5mins max of necessary venting or chat
– Have up to 3 things that you’re working on that you want to cover with your mentor. These can be goals, challenges, questions and ideas. Things you can put to action.
– Have some action points to follow up on with your mentor when you next catch up. This is the accountability and magic your mentoring sessions.

It is the responsibility of the mentor to write down the things that your mentees are working on so you can check in with them at your next mentoring session. As a mentor, you are simply checking in to see how your mentee is going, providing support and guidance. You are not rousing on them for not competing their set action points. It is their responsibility to take action and yours to be a friend.

What are my first steps?

1) Have a 100pv+ LRP template in place at all times, scheduled on or before the 15th of each month. (this is so you qualify for commissions)
2) Connect with your assigned mentor and arrange;
a. A day and time for your first mentoring session
b. Regular days / dates and times to catch up fortnightly
3) Start reaching out to your contacts to book in workshops and one on ones in September.
Check out the Facebook group for ideas on how to reach out to your contacts. Let’s Do This!!