Check out our top 10 reasons why we love doTERRA (and you will too!)

1. Exceptional Quality

dōTERRA’s essential oils are 100% pure essential oil, nothing else is in the bottle. Did you know that if an essential oil says it’s 100% pure, it only legally has to have 10% pure essential oil? If you were to read the label of an Australian Certified Organic Essential Oil, most likely it’s going to read 1ml pure essential oil and 10ml multipurpose liquid. dōTERRA oils are different because they contain no fillers, fragrances, synthetics, perfumes, pesticides, etc, just 100% pure essential oil. dōTERRA’s quality protocol employs five different analytical methods to ensure dōTERRA’s essential oils are both pure and potent. This is why you can use them Aromatically, Topically and Internally..

2. They have changed every aspect of our lives in such a positive way

dōTERRA essential oils have changed our lives dramatically, not only do we use them on a daily basis to replace items in our medical cabinet, but they have inspired us to improve all aspects of our life. Click here to read our daily routine. Our house is now chemical free! It was a gradual process over the last year as I didn’t realise how many things in our house were full of toxins! Some examples of things we’ve replaced- cleaning products, body products, processed/packet foods, water, make-up, the pill, perfumes, candles, carpet, shower head (We’ve put a filter on it), pharmaceutical medication, etc We now make our own natural cleaning and body products with the oils, therefore creating a toxic free environment for our family. Our puppies even have natural everything- they’re living the life too! We follow the doTERRA lifestyle pyramid and teach others how they can do it too.

3. Amazing for managing our emotions

Not only have the oils had a massive impact on our physical health, but also our emotional health, I now know that emotion underpins most health concerns and have the ability to manage my emotions with these amazing and powerful oils. For example, I use balance essential oil under my feet every morning and night to balance my cells, ground my root chakra, and manage stress and anxiety. We Zyto scan ourselves once a month to have a look at what’s going on at a cellular level within our bodies- both emotionally and physically. If you’ve ever had a Zyto scan from us before, you know how amazing it is, it’s still spot on with my emotions every single month!

4. Personal Growth

doTERRA has been a catalyst to look at every aspect of our lives. We now only read personal growth books and are both constantly consuming and studying everything we can about the oils, as well as all other forms of natural remedies. Some examples of books we’ve been reading include ‘Chakra Wellness made simple’ by Connie Boucher, ‘Super simple wellness-easy ways to be healthier, naturally’ by Connie Boucher, ‘Wellness made simple’ by Connie Boucher, ‘The poo in you’ by Annie Clark, ‘I quit sugar for life’ by Sarah Wilson, ‘The power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle, ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill and so many other books, as well as loads of online courses and

videos that relate to the doTERRA essential oils. We now make sure that we meditate on a regular basis, have started yoga back up, we’ve started creating vision boards again and writing down what we’re grateful for. We’ve also started watching online documentaries from wow this has really opened our eyes to some things about our world! The social consciousness website also has lots of amazing videos to watch.

5. The amazing people we have met on our journey so far

We’ve met some amazing and inspiring people on our journey to wellness. We’re so grateful to be continuously making lifelong friends with people that are like minded and have a wealth of knowledge about natural remedies. We’re continuously learning off each other as there are so many amazing things to learn.

6. Generous Company

dōTERRA are the most inspiring and generous company that we’ve ever come across. Not only are they generous to their customers by giving away free oils and reward points, but they are healing the world through their Healing Hands Foundation. ‘Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world as well as lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately teach impoverished cultures how to be self-reliant.’ They also encourage dōTERRA wellness advocates to support a charity of your choice as the income you receive from

being a business builder can be more than enough. dōTERRA’s wellness advocates can also participate in projects such as repairing, painting, or constructing playgrounds or fulfilling other needs such as clean water, training hospital staff and opening schools.

7. Ethical Co-Impact Sourcing Practices

dōTERRA is extremely ethical in the sourcing, harvesting, growin, and distilling of their oils. They use Co-Impact Sourcing which has a positive impact on the people, plants and the product. When you use these oils, you’re not only helping yourself and your family, you’re helping the farmers and their communities that provide the plants.

8. dōTERRA’s oils are sourced from all over the world

dōTERRA essential oils are sourced from more than 25 countries worldwide, therefore harvesting them from their origin to ensure that we’re receiving the most potent chemistry profiles from around the world. When plants are grown in optimal soil, temperature, and climate, they produce a higher quality of essential oil, just like nature intended.

9. Outstanding customer support

The customer support is amazing, you get to speak to a real person rather than select options for 5-10mins. If an oil is damaged or leaks in transit, ring them up and they’ll replace it straight away for free!

10. Residual income for helping heal others

dōTERRA has given us the opportunity to do what we’re passionate about- teaching others how to be proactive about their health and how they can heal physically and emotionally with essential oils that are completely natural. We truly have the best job in the world!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below or alternatively email or call us. We also have a Facebook page and Facebook group that we’d love you to follow us on. The Facebook group is a great place to ask us any questions about the oils. We also hold regular Wellness Events and Make and Take Workshops. We can also come to you to present a Wellness event, just book on our website or contact us.