Little did I know that when my wife Renee and I went to Eumundi Markets that a chance meeting would completely change our lives. We were on a short break from our busy careers and decided to visit my uncle in Noosa and have some relaxing time away.

When we arrived at Eumundi markets, I lost Renee in the crowds and the forth stall in. I had done 2 loops of the huge markets before I thought I’d go back and see where Renee had got to. She hadn’t left the first stall that she stopped at! It was a doTERRA stall and by the time I found her, she was adamant that she too wanted to share the benefits of essential oils, just as the people who introduced us to them did.

At the time of our chance meeting Renee had only used peppermint essential oil, but she had a profound experience in managing the pain and discomfort of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She would simply place a drop of peppermint essential oil under her tongue rather than taking convention medicines with minimal results. It was through Renee’s unfortunate situation that great fortune would emerge.

The reason why I’m sharing this story with you is because I wanted to provide our experience with you on finding our purpose. What makes us happy, what makes our spirit sing, what aligns with our values and how we found that simply helping others in the most basic and moral way, would be the most rewarding thing we could do.

On that day in Eumundi markets although we were always open new things that would help Renee with her Irritable Bowel, we weren’t incessantly searching for something that we didn’t know we were looking for. We simply provided the space and opportunity for this moment to arise by getting out in life, connecting with people and being open to opinions, techniques and tools that others have had results with.

Since embarking on our adventure of building a network marketing based natural health business, we have needed to learn and grow within ourselves immensely in order to help others. Part of our purpose and one of the major things that I have learnt in this process is that in order to grow, you need to consistently work on yourself. Be highly aware of your own emotions, thoughts, behaviours and choices you make on a daily basis. Do they align with what you want in life?

Only once I became more aware of my conditions, choices, personality traits etc was I able to provide experiences and tools with others to help them in their journey to health and happiness. One of the profound techniques I learned when was studying a Diploma in Yoga, taken from the eight limbs of yoga, is Svadyaya. Or “Self Study” I had learned that the most important person to be aware of and the only one who I could control, is myself. The words that I think and say, the way I responded in given situations and the choices that I make are all dependant on me. Only when I became more aware of me was I able to reflect a world that I wanted to attract into my life.

Once I had realised that I can’t control others thoughts and actions, I decided to focus more on leading by example, providing guidance and gentle invitations to ways of doing things. This approach to life and business was far less painful! I wouldn’t stress out when someone didn’t listen or do something “right”. I would simply honour the learning process, provide guidance and unconditional love. It was the discovery of unconditional love and acceptance of what is that provided me more positive energy to invest my time into things that made a positive difference.

It’s been almost three and a half years since Renee and I started to share the benefits of essential oils. And in this adventure, we’ve not only found our purpose, but we’ve also created amazing relationships with beautiful people along the way. In business, we’ve learned that leading with love and showing empathy towards people and their needs is the only way to do business. As Louise Hay says in her life changing novel, I Can Do It, “I’ve never understood the concept of cutthroat business, where you try to cheat and put one over on the other person. That doesn’t sound like a joyous way to live. There’s so much abundance in this world-all we need to do is recognise that fact and share the wealth.”

In order to have a healthy relationship with the people in our business we always make an effort to connect with them as people, listen to them and get to know them personally. We’ve taken interest in them as much as their business relationship. Isn’t this a contrast to the saying “You don’t mix business with pleasure”!?

There is one more major realisation that I wanted to share that has helped me and others focus on purpose. This principal has allowed us to invest more time and energy into positive activities that make a difference. It’s simply, “Stop worrying about what other people think.” After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, I took away two reminders of this powerful concept for myself that I also share with others;

1) “To be successful, you need to learn to overcome your fear of being rejected and to stop worrying about what other people say and think about you.”

2) “What you think of me is none of my business. What is most important is what I think about myself”

In conclusion I truly believe that purpose can only be found when we are open and engaged in life. And true purpose needs to be felt with in us, align with all of our beliefs and values. It needs to ignite our soul fire. It feels so right that nothing else matters and nothing will stop you from pursuing your dreams. I hope I have provided you with some insight to purpose and I wish for you to find yours too.