You may or may not be aware that doTERRA now stocks the life changing Lifelong Vitality (LLV) in Australia! This means you can now order LLV through your wholesale account in Australian dollars and have it delivered in 3-5 business days. The product is also manufactured in Australia and is Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia’s regulatory body) approved.

We realise that some of you may not have tried Lifelong Vitality and are not aware of the benefits it provides. So I’d like to share some of the experiences we have had along with some testimonials and a couple of facts about Lifelong Vitality.

We have been using Lifelong Vitality for 3 years now and at first we didn’t really feel the benefits until one month our order was delayed and we didn’t have our supplements for a week. Let’s just say we’ve made sure we never run out of LLV anymore. What we did notice without them was we didn’t have as much energy and we were reaching for sugar and other treats. Some of the other major things we have noticed since being on LLV are: glowing skin, hair & nails, strong immunity, improved mood and reduced inflammation (especially with Renee’s IBS). Lifelong Vitality is a high quality whole foods based supplement that really works. Because it’s 100% pure food for the body, the supplement is simply filling in the gaps and deficiencies we have in our diet and lifestyle. Some of the key benefits of Lifelong Vitality include;

  1. Reduced inflammation
  2. Slowed ageing process
  3. Increased energy

Here are two testimonials we have received over the years on others’ experiences using LLV: “Since my wife and I have been taking LifeLong Vitality, we’ve noticed that joint pain has improved and we have more energy.” “I’ve been back on The Long Life Vitality Supplements for about 6 months now during this time I have also been taking DDR Prime supplements. They have given me more energy, more clarity in my mind, clearer skin and stronger nails. I feel healthier, I am much happier with a more positive outlook on life. Negative thoughts just seem to have slipped away and I value myself like never before.”

This month, we are giving anyone who orders LLV during the months of June & July the chance to win a free Citrus Trio Pack. All you need to do is add it to your next Loyalty Rewards Program order and then let us know by commenting on our incentive in our private Facebook Group. Feel free to join our group if you are not already a member.

For more detailed information on LLV head to doTERRA’s website. And for more information on each of the supplements; Alpha CRS+, Microplex VMz, xEO Mega