Having suffered with a chronic illness for 6 years, this is my story of how I healed my body naturally, with the support of essential oils.

I’ve been a bit scared to share my personal story, although I have finally built up the confidence as my story may be able to help numerous people around the world.

My daily routine with doTERRA essential oils today:


  • Take the Long Life Vitality Pack (Multi-vitamin, fish oil and cell repair tablets)
  • Mito to Max- 1 tablet for energy
  • Frankincense- 2 drops under the tongue, for overall health and wellbeing (best oil you can take)
  • In Tune- Roll some oil on the bone behind my ears, it’s for concentration and staying focused.
  • Balance-2 drops on the back of my neck- for balancing/grounding
  • On Guard- I put 2-3 drops in my morning shake, it’s to protect me from picking up any germs as the oil is circulating throughout my bloodstream and protecting me. It is also for viruses such as the cold/flu.
  • Lemon/Grapefruit/Slim & Sassy- I put 3-5 drops of one oil in my drink bottle, it’s for detoxing.

I then ride my bike to work, followed by an extremely busy day where I’m lucky to have 5mins to eat my lunch and then a very busy afternoon with school work and everyday jobs around the house. I usually go to bed around 9-9.30pm, after some study about the oils and supplements of course.


  • Take the Long Life Vitality Pack
  • Sometimes I take a few Terrazyme capsules (If I’ve had a very heavy meal such as steak or lots of carbs as the tablet helps break it down).

Yes, you may think I’m crazy and that I take too many supplements and oils but I’ve honestly never felt better in my whole entire life!!!!!!

I’m so grateful that I was shown doTerra oils just over a year ago because my life has changed for the best.

I’m happy and healthy, I couldn’t ask for any more!!!



My life was very different to what it is now as I had a chronic illness which started when I was an exchange student to Thailand in 2007 and I was continuously reacting to mosquito bites, developed stomach ulcers and kept getting food poisoning. I also had a lot of things happen emotionally too.

My daily routine when I had a chronic illness for 6 years:

  • I would wake up and have to run to the toilet as my bowel would be burning with pain, I would then either be constipated or have diarrhea, my stomach ache would continue on for a few more hours.
  • Breakfast: I would have apple cider vinegar and lemon in water to help regulate the acidity and alkaline levels in my body.
  • I would then eat All Bran and only that to help me be regular (It didn’t help much)
  • I was allergic to dairy and wheat plus preservatives. Sometimes I would even get massive stomach cramps when I ate fruit and other foods that were healthy for me.
  • I would struggle at work and need a sleep as soon as I got home, not just a nap, but a 1-2 hour sleep, followed by dinner and asleep by 7pm.

When I wasn’t working full time, I use to have a 2-3 hour sleep in the middle of the day too. 

Throughout the day I would constantly get stomach aches and cramps, followed by me popping 2 Buscopan forte tablets (which I never left the house without). The tablets would take about 30-60mins to kick in and not last very long.

My body was too use to me taking them for the past 6 years.

It was a regular thing for me to throw up, Byron taking me to the hospital, crying a lot from the pain, constantly bloated and pretty much always had a stomach ache – the pain varied.

I was always run down and sick, especially in Winter, it felt like I always had a sore throat and a cold. I would always get the flu at least once a year.

Every time I exercised for 30mins or more, I would be run down afterward and need a 1-2 hour sleep, followed by being sick/run down for the next week.

I would then go to the gym again, get run down, sick, etc…

I was also very depressed at times and just wanted to be free from my pain, even on my wedding night I remember having a stomach ache and feeling bloated.

Yes, I did try so many things over the 6 years to get better, I was always at the doctors or a naturopath.

I underwent day surgery in the hospital, I went to North Sydney for naturopaths, on the coast, I went to yoga, pilates, meditation, healing groups, I tried absolutely everything and spent thousands and thousands of dollars.

Yes, everything helped to some extent, although I never completely healed until I started using the doTERRA oils and supplements.

1 drop of peppermint would take away the chronic pain in my stomach within a minute!!! I was blown away!

I am now always healthy, I’m regular everyday, my stomach is so relaxed, I exercise every single day, my energy levels are amazing, my life is amazing!!!

I’m not angry about what I went through, I’m very grateful as I wouldn’t be here today helping people with these amazing oils!!

Thank you doTERRA!!!!!