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Everyone loves a bargain and who doesn’t want to get their essentials oils at the best possible price?

You can buy one or two oils at retail price, but if you buy 3-4 or more oils in one year, you’re better off with a wholesale account! With a wholesale account, you’re given the opportunity to earn up to 55% off retail prices, receive free products, and have your shipping redeemed in free product points! This is the most intelligent way to get your oils..

The Benefits

  • Earn up to 55% off retail prices through doTERRA’s loyalty program (the most intelligent way to get your oils)

  • Access to super generous free product incentives every month

  • Have your shipping costs redeemed in free product

  • Support your healthy lifestyle choices through proactive self-care

  • Ability to receive income for sharing or referring people to doTERRA

  • Get 25% off retail prices for one off orders

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Follow these 4 simple steps to join!

**Remember – Please join with the person who shared DoTERRA with you.**

Choose a Kit or Single Oils

Pay the $35 enrolment fee and choose which oils you need. 


Choose a kit, save $$ on the oils and waive the $35 enrolment fee (recommended and most popular option).

Our two favourite kits are the Home Essentials and Essential Collection, but there are other great kits too!

Place your order

If you’ve spoken to one of our team, go to the Pure Oils Team page to join with the team member you connected with. 

Otherwise, click here to join with Renee & Byron

Select your language and country
Select Local (OTG) Order
Select Wholesale Customer (unless instructed otherwise)
Fill in your personal information
*Ensure the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID reflect the name of the person you are joining with.

Create a password
Select the kit you’d like.
Enter your credit card details and process your order.

Loyalty Rewards Order – The most intelligent way to get your oils!

Once your order has processed, you’ll be provided with a summary of your order and you’ll be given the opportunity to setup your Loyalty Rewards order. This is the most intelligent way to get you oils, but completely optional. You can choose to set this up now or whenever you choose. You can go ahead and choose ‘Yes, Let’s set this up’ Or, ‘No, I’m done for now’. 

Congratulations and welcome to the Pure Oils Community!

We’ll send you a welcome email shortly and invite you along to a Wellness Consult to make sure you’re getting the most out of your oils and using them safely. We’ll also show you how to login to and navigate your doTERRA account. 

In the meantime, make sure you’re connected into our community where you can ask questions and share experiences.

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